About BwB

BwB provides "investment banking" structuring to the global commons. BwB is a social enterprise with UK charitable tax status, offering our structuring services to project leaders, governments and NGO’s, who are seeking to attract private capital to very high impact projects.


Similar to the ethos of Medicins Sans Frontieres which provides medical aid where it is needed most, BwB likes to think we provide financial structuring where it is needed most. BwB pursues transactions that are very unlikely to be pursued by the financial sector because of any combination of the following reasons: jurisdiction, counterparties, complexity, retention of intellectual capital, liquidity, fees and high time investment requirement. Prior to beginning BwB, the team researched the topic for 18 months and found this to be a missing service that projects and their sponsors, were asking for.


BwB leverages the system by having institutional champions who are keen to supply projects. This reduces the cost of sourcing projects and gives first step screening as to the impact of the project and risk. Second, BwB builds distribution relationships with investment banks and asset managers, to leverage the existing global financial services platform.  Thirdly, we run a very low cost operation, purposely having no physical offices, and accepting the commitment of our investment bankers who give their time very generously.

The Global Commons - What is the global issue? The environment and the poor


Zero deforestation   (UN)

CO2 equivalent materially reduced (IPCC)

Reduction in river water diverted

Biodiversity loss halted (UN)

Halving of nitrogen in terrestrial ecosystems

20% global parks vs 1.5%  (Greenpeace, France)

0/24 ecosystem services degraded  (UN, MA)

10% of GDP on education v 3% now (UN)

Last 50-75 years

1/2 rainforest to 12m km2

+30% CO2 equivalent troposphere 400 ppm

2 x river water diverted to 60%

Biodiversity 1.0 to 0.73 Living Planet Index (WWF)

Top soil erosion / 2x nitrogen in ecosystems

Oceans over fished

15/24 ecosystem services degraded. (UN, MA)

Slums: 1bn, growing 25-30m p.a. (UN)

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